Remember Where You Come From

Behold my progeny!

DSC_2366-webLars Arthur Munson joined Holly and I just over a month ago, and as you might expect, it has been an enormous change and a bit of an adjustment. In addition to trying to figure out how you can go through over 200 diapers in just a few weeks and learning how to get by on four hours of sleep a night, Holly and I both wanted to do a special project for our little guy. Holly, being an editor, has discussed framing the section from the Chicago Manual of style on how to make words ending in “S” (such as Lars) possessive. I, being a planner/urban designer/geography nerd, decided to make a map.Lars Birth MapI previously mapped where my ancestors were born and where they eventually died, but for this one I wanted to incorporate Holly’s ancestors so that Lars would know about both of them, and to clean it up a bit I only showed where they were born. I used FamilySearch to do the research, then used Google Earth to create a map file and try and determine how to group the data before designing the map in Illustrator and InDesign. It was fun to take a look at the patterns and find a tool that hopefully will help Lasse Lille (Little Lars) know where he came from. I’m working on another related project, which hopefully I can report on soon.


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2 Responses to Remember Where You Come From

  1. heidi says:

    A. This is really awesome, Dave! What a great gift to Lars, both the picture and the time that you took to research both sides of our family.

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